How to use special smiley face characters on Facebook?

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Open the chat box
  • Type the characters in the text box

Smiley Code Expression
🙂 smiley
😉 wrinkly
😀 excited
😛 tongue out
:/ upset face
3:) pig face
:putnam: person’s face
:|] robot face
(^^^) shark face,
(y) thumbs up
:3 cat face
:* kissy face
^_^ super excited face
-_- whatever face
O.o weirded face
>:( mad face
>:O Yelling face
>B| cool guy face
>B) sunglasses face
>:V Pacman face
>O:) Angel face
>:( sad face
>:O suprised face
>:'( crying face

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