How To Add Watermark To Videos?

Watermark is nothing but the name displayed in videos. You can see  many videos with names of websites, company, etc in video. You can easily add watermark for video’s in simple steps.

Steps for adding watermark for videos:

  • You must have any video editing software like Camstasia, Sony Vegas, etc. I use Camstasia in this how-to.
  • Click File–>New project.


  • Click Import Media and add video file.


  • The imported videos will be added to Camtasia Clip bin.


  • Drag the file to track at bottom.


  • Click on Callouts.


  • Click more options and select text.watermark-new1


  • Place the box where text need to appear. Then type text which you need to display. Choose a correct position for your text and suitable color, size.
  • Finally extend text to same length of the video for displaying till the end.


  • Click on Produce and share, and save this file.watermark6
  • Select quality and choose file path.



  • Wait for few seconds till the rendering process ends.


  • Automatically the video file will be played, you will see text which you have entered  in that video.
  • Screenshot of this video in VLC media player, you can see it on top right.


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