How To Blur Images With Snagit Editor?

In the previous post, you might have learnt how to take screenshot with Snagit. And in this how-to you will learn about blurring images with Snagit editor. 

  • Initially you need to install Snagit software to your computer.

Here’s the link to download snagit.

  • After installing Snagit to your computer, launch the software to use.
  • Choose the image that you need to blur, without double-clicking, just right-click the file and choose open with —> Snagit Editor.

blur images

  • Before editing, you need to enable blur command to quick toolbar.
  • Click the small down arrow button at the top, and choose More Commands…

snagit blur

  • Now click the drop down options and choose All Commands.

all commands snagit

  • Click on the Blur option, and then click the Add> > button. Once added click Ok button to save changes.


  • Now, the Blur command is added to drawing tools.
  • To blur image, click the Blur button and choose the required region that you need to blur.


  • That’s it! your image is blurred and don’t forget the save your work before exiting Snagit.

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