How to Change author permalink in wordpress

If you are experiencing “page not found error” while opening author page or author archive page, then means this post is for you.  Getting Started with WordPress.

author 1
This is because of using the space in-between username, like Vignesh Karthi which ended up like this

So, How to change it?

    • Go to your hosting account’s cpanel
    • Click phpMyadmin (you can see it under databases)
      author 2
    • Select your WordPress database from left side of the menu
    • Select wp_users table and then you will see users list on the right side
      author 3
    • Select desired user to which you need to change the author permalink
    • Click edit (pencil icon), then change the name in user_nicename as per your wish

      author 5

Note: It only changes the user permalink(url) not username

For example, I have changed my permalink from


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