How To Change eBay Password?

Recently, eBay’s database was compromised by some unknown hackers. Later on investigating about the hack, eBay inquires users to change their passwords because the cyberattack has compromised a database containing encrypted passwords and other non-financial data. If you have an account on eBay do secure it before it gets hard to recover. If you need help in changing your eBay password do follow the below instructions,

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  • Now, type in your registered eBay email address or your eBay user ID and click “Continue” button.

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  •  Choose a method to restore your eBay password. You can choose “Get an email”, “Get a text” or “Get a call” method.

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  •  If you choose

Get an email – You will get a password restore link to you email address from eBay, just click on that link and restore your new eBay password.

Get a text – You will get a PIN to your registered eBay phone number via SMS, just us the PIN to restore your password.

Get a call – You will get a PIN to your registered eBay phone number via phone call, just use the PIN the restore your password.

  •  That’s it!  Your password is successfully restored in eBay.

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