How To Check Website Speed Using MaxCDN Tools?

MaxCDN recently launched performance testing tools, which allows you to measure your website performance at 14 different places around the globe like Amsterdam, New york, San Francisco, Paris and London, etc. The testing tools include Ping Test, SSL Test and HTTP Test.

Ping Test:

Ping speed is the speed which determines how faster the webpage loads. Normally, we can just find out Ping for a single site in a single page. Now MaxCDN makes easier for comparing Ping speeds of two websites with multi-location.

Steps for comparing Ping for two websites:


  • Just enter two websites URL you need to compare and click start.


  • After this, result of comparing two websites are displayed. Ping speed comparing takes just few seconds for processing.


  • We can see green coloured figures in results at various places denoting the website having good ping compared to the other site.
  • Finally, at the end we can see which site is having good Ping in these two websites.

SSL Test:

SSL’s abbrevation is Secured Socket Layer. Using MaxCDN’s SSL testing tool, we can check details of SSL like certificate, validity, Expiration Date and Trust scores, etc.

Steps for acquiring info of SSL certficates:


  • Just enter the website URL for review of SSL certificate and Click Test SSL.


  • Takes just few seconds for results.


  • We can also test this performance with other locations. Just see below the MaxCDN tools logo.


 HTTP Test:

Steps for comparing bytes speed of two websites:

Here’s the link to check First and Last Byte Speed of two Websites. Webpage looks like,


Just enter two websites URL and click start.


Wait few seconds and results are shown.


  • At the end of page the result will be displayed. Figures in green colour denotes the speed is greater than other site.

Try these MaxCDN tools before it cost you.

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