How To Check Your YouTube Earnings?

You can check your YouTube earnings in two ways as mentioned below, just follow the below instructions to find out your estimated YouTube earnings,

YouTube Analytics Method:

check youtube earnings


  • In Analytics page, you can view your YouTube channel’s performance overview and the total earnings you have made.

how to check youtube earnings


  • That’s it! Now, you can view your YouTube earnings by using analytics option.

Google Adsense Method:

  • Go to and sign in to AdSense your account.
  • Click on “Performance reports”.

adsense earnings


  • Now click on the “Products” link in the left sidebar.

5-26-2014 12-40-13 PM

  • Choose “Hosted AdSense for Content” and you will get details about the number of page views, clicks, cpc and more.

5-26-2014 12-44-33 PM

  • Check Total Earnings tab to find your YouTube earnings.

5-26-2014 12-54-15 PM

You might know that the estimated earnings and total earnings will vary when the earnings get finalized. So there might be some variation in displayed earnings and the finalized earnings at the end of the month.


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