How to Get Complete Information About Your Smartphone?

Do you want to learn more about your Smartphone? Is there a confusion about your smartphone you own? Is there any Doubt About Sensors built in your smartphone? Is your battery health is in good condition?  Are you Searching for your phones IMEI/MEID, Subscriber ID, Android ID, Serial No.? And here’s the solution for all your questions about your Smartphone including display info, Memory info, Network info, Hardware info, Sensor info, Battery info, and Device info.

You can get all info about your device with Droid Info (Unfortunately, Google has removed the app from the Google Play store) app. Install Droid Info app, open the application and be knowledgeable about your smartphone.

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Screenshot_2014-06-23-14-03-05 Screenshot_2014-06-23-14-03-10
There you could get the complete Hardware , Software, Sensor, Battery, Network, and Device information of your smartphone

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