How To Create Administrator Password On Windows PC?

It’s our responsibility to keep our files safe, as we can’t blame on others once it get stolen or misused by others. It’s same in all conditions like in our computer files too, sometimes our privacy files will get exposed to others and we can’t blame on others. So lets protect our files from intruders by creating an admin password on our PC. How to Create Administrator Password  on a newly installed Windows PC? Just follow the procedures below to create password on Windows PC.

  • Go to Start menu by clicking the Windows Key, and choose Control Panel options.



  • Choose viewing type to Category and then click Add or remove user accountswindows


  • Click on your Administrator account to set password to it.


  • Now click on Create a password link to create password for your admin account.



  • After entering your password, click Create Password button at the bottom.
  • That’s it!

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