How To Create a folder which can’t be Deleted or Renamed?

Today Am Going To Show You How To Create A Folder Which Could Not Be Deleted Or Renamed By Anyone. By The Way You Are Not Allowed To Create Folder With The Reserved Folder Names Of Windows Such As ‘con’, ‘aux’, ‘lpt1’, ‘lpt2’,…,’lpt9’. And Here In This Case Is Possible To Create The Reserved Folder Name And Also As A Undeletable, Unrenamable Folder.  So Now Follow The Steps Below.

Step 1: Click Start And Run Or Winkey+R To Open The Run

Step 2: Type ‘cmd’ In Run To Open The Command Prompt


Step 3: If  You Need To Create The Undeletable Folder In A Drive E:  then, In Command Prompt Type ‘E:’ And Press Enter.


Step 4: And Now Type ‘md Con\ ‘ And Press Enter To Create Folder.


Now You Could See The Folder Con In The Drive. And Also You Can Try With Different Folder Names As ‘aux’, ‘lpt1’,  ‘lpt2’, ‘lpt3’,Upto ‘lpt9’. ThenYou Could Search For How To Delete Such Folder. To Delete The Folder Follow The Same Procedure From Step 1 To Step 3 And Instead Of Step 4 Follow Step 5 To Delete The Folder.

Step 5: Type ‘rd Con\’ And Press Enter And Now You Couldn’t  Find The Folder.



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