How To Create Subtitles For Videos?

Subtitle created wonders in World Cinemas, as people in and around the world can understand an other language movie at an ease by enabling subtitle. Now-a-days subtitles are mandatory, which is easy for understanding other language movies without a help of language translator. If you’re good at your own language you can help others by creating subtitle by your own. Don’t worry if  you don’t know how to create subtitle for videos, just follow the below procedures,

Steps for creating subtitles:

  • Create a notepad file.
  • Type as shown below,


 1 denotes first set of subtitle, 00:00:00 denotes the start time,00:00:20 denotes the end time

  • The code denotes that the text “Hello welcome everyone” will be displayed from the start to 20 secs of the video entered.
  • Similarly for second set,



  • Once finished creating, click File —->Save As


  • Save it as “video’s name”.srt and change “save as type’ as All files.
  • Change encoding as UTF-8.
  • Then save it.
  • Play the video and load the created subtitle.
  • Here’s the screenshot of the subtitle in the video.


  • You can also continue to make subtitles for a full video in a similar way.

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