How To Delete Your Orkut Account Before Google Does?

Google has announced to delete their first social media website Orkut. Orkut has been there for ten years. Upto 2008 Orkut has been active even though Facebook was in the race. No updates have been made on Orkut, Facebook kept updating their website  and now Facebook is the top social media website. Now Google has officially announced to delete Orkut on September 30 this year. You can delete your Orkut account before Google does. From today no Orkut apps for Android and Iphone. You can see this Orkut notification on your profile.orkut-notification1

Steps for deleting Orkut account:


  • Click on Data tools.


  • A new page appears and click Select Delete Products.


  • Now you can see three options, click Remove Orkut Permanently.


  • Now you will be asked to enter your Gmail password and click Sign in.


  • The new page leads to final step for deleting Orkut. Before this step say bye-bye Orkut. Tick the check box and select Remove Orkut.


  • Your Orkut will be deleted.

Here’s the link to get more details from Orkut Official Blog.


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