How To Delete All Your Social Identities In A Click?

Now there are many social websites in the internet world. We can delete all the social media accounts in a single click. For example if you would like to delete Twitter account you can easily delete it with a single click.

Steps for deleting Social Media accounts in a Click:

  • Go to You can find A-Z Social media Websites here.


  • Search the social media which you need to delete.


  • Click on the social media that you need to delete.


  • A new tab opens, which leads to the sign in page. Sign in with your account for deleting.


  • A new page opens with deactivate button. Click on Deactivate for deleting your account.


Like the above method you can delete any of your social media’s account easily. The color in the website above the social media determines the process of deletion. Red color indicates the process is hard, Yellow color indicates deleting process is Medium and Green color indicates the process is Easy.

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