How To Delete Spam Comments In WordPress With One Click?

Still deleting WordPress spam comments one by one? It’s OK with lesser spam counts, how would you do it when there is 1000’s spam comments? Please don’t spend your valuable time on deleting spam comments, do follow the below instructions to know how to delete spam comments in WordPress blog in a single click.

  • Log in to your WordPress blog and go to your blog dashboard.
  • Click the comments link in the left sidebar.

7-3-2014 7-06-16 PM

  • Now click the Spam link.

7-4-2014 11-07-15 AM

  • All spam comments will be displayed, instead of deleting it one by one, click Empty Spam button.

7-4-2014 11-10-28 AM

  • That’s it! All spam comments are deleted with one click.

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