How To Disable Auto Play Of Facebook Thanks Video

Facebook rolled out a new feature called “Say Thanks”, an experience that lets you create personalized video cards for your friends on Facebook. Every Facebook user can express their gratitude to their Facebook friends by creating a Say Thanks video. If you want to say thank you to your friend using Say Thanks feature, go to and choose the friend you would like to thank. You can read more about Say Thanks feature here.

If you’re annoyed of Facebook thanks video that keeps on auto playing on your news feed, then here’s fix for it. Don’t let the videos to eat your internet data plan. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving.

In Google Chrome:

  • Open Chrome web browser.
  • Go to settings by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines button in the top right corner.

11-21-2014 10-25-25 PM

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Show advanced settings…”

11-21-2014 10-29-47 PM


  • In Privacy section, click “Content settings…” button.

11-23-2014 11-51-20 PM


  • In Plug-ins section change the setting to “Click to play” and click Done.

11-23-2014 11-52-45 PM

  • That’s it! Now Facebook Say Thanks video won’t auto play on your news feed. The video will be played on by clicking on it.


In Firefox:

  • Open Firefox web browser.
  • In the address bar type “about:config” (without quotes), click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” to continue.

11-24-2014 12-10-54 AM

  • In Search bar, type “plugins.click_to_play”

11-24-2014 12-13-02 AM

  • Now, just double click on the plugin preferrence and the value will be changed to “false

11-24-2014 12-14-51 AM

  • That’s it! Facebook thanks video won’t be auto playing in Firefox web browser.

Will soon update for other browsers too.


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