How To Downgrade Android App To Older Version

Every app developer release a new update often to make their app reliable one in the market. And the developer believes the new update will fix the bugs and errors found in the previous version. But not all the new updates will satisfy the users. And its not mandatory to use the updated app version, if you like to downgrade to older version you can get it by following the instructions below.

Note: This downgrade method is not applicable to all Android apps. If you can’t perform this method its better to get used to the new update as we do normally.

  • Go to phone settings by touching the Settings icon.


  • Now tap on Applications —-> Manage apps


  • Touch to open the app you need to downgrade to older version.
  • Tap on Uninstall updates button and choose OK.


  • That’s it! The app is downgraded to factory version.

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