How To Edit Facebook Look Back Video?

Are you impressed with your Facebook look back video? If not so, and you think you can do it better than Mark & The Facebook team. It’s your time to make a look back video in your own way with style by adding the photos missed out by Facebook. Just make a better and memorable video than Facebook and make your friends to drip salt water from their eyes in a happy mood. But how to edit Facebook look back video? It’s too simple, just do the procedures below,

  • When look back movie was premiered in Facebook the edit option was not available, but later an Edit button is added right next to the share button. Just click the Edit button.

2-11-2014 1-24-57 AM

  • Just scroll down after clicking the Edit button, and select the photos that you want to show up in the video and remove other photos. It’s a mandatory that 3 photos to be chosen for each category, so choose 3 photos for each category.
  • After finishing up! Hit the play button and start watching it.
  • Don’t forget to share your own edited version of the look back movie to your friends.
  • That’s it!

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