How To Edit Mp3 ID3 Tags On A Windows PC

Need to edit your mp3 tag information like changing album cover art, album name, composer name, genre, year, album artist and more. Do follow the below instructions, and learn how to edit mp3 ID3 tags on a Windows PC using Mp3tag.

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  • Before initiating this how-to, you need to download and install Mp3tag to your Windows PC.
  • Once installed, run the application and you will get a similar kind of window opened as shown below.

10-6-2014 2-33-29 AM

  • Now, load the mp3 file to Mp3tag app by just dragging and dropping the file to it. If you have a folder to edit, just drag & drop the folder to Mp3tag app.
  • Wait till the file adding process completes, Click on the mp3 file that you want to edit the tag ID.
  • By clicking on the mp3 file, all the tag info of the selected mp3 will get displayed in the left.

10-6-2014 2-55-13 AM

  • Start editing the tag ID by clicking on the text field in the left.
  • To change album cover, right-click on the album cover and choose Add cover. Choose the album cover from your PC storage and add to it.

10-6-2014 3-01-49 AM

  •  Once finished editing the tag ID as you need, click the save button.

10-6-2014 3-07-00 AM

  • That’s it! Edited mp3 tag info is saved and you can do the same to edit all your mp3 tag info.

If you find any problem while performing this how-to, do comment about it and we will solve it for you.

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