How to Enable Autofill in Google Chrome?

Google chrome is one of the faster browsers in the world. Chrome offers an inbuilt¬†feature called “autofill“. Autofill tool makes our data filling work a lot easy by auto filling the details(names, address, email id, country, phone number etc.) to the required field in the registration form. Just perform the below given instructions to enable autofill in your browser, and get your work done faster using the fast browser chrome.

  • Open chrome browser and go to settings.

chrome settings

  • Click Advanced settings

advanced settings

  • Go to password and forms, click Manage Autofill Setting.

Add address

  • Then click on Add new street address at the bottom, fill the data’s asked and click OK after entering details .

adding address

  • If you wish you can also add credit card number, in case of fast shopping. Google chrome makes this numbers encrypted(for safety of your credit card numbers).
  • You can even manage multiple address and credit cards .
  • When you start typing your name in a form, it shows a drop-down box.
  • When you click the word in the drop-down box, it automatically fills with the information given by you .

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