How To Stay Updated With FIFA World Cup 2014 Scores, Fixtures And More

Officially FIFA 2014 unveils Android App with regular updates on Leagues and Ranking of teams and players,  And also you could play your Fantasy Game with your Smartphone. Everything you Need About Your Team and Entire World cup Teams and Players is all in a place with easy notification access too. The App is Very cleverly developed with every features and information we need. Its Great to be updated Lively throughout the season without missing any moment of FIFA 2014

Here’s the link to download official FIFA 2014 app for Android.

Here’s the link to download official FIFA 2014 app from iTunes.

PC users can stay updated using the below links,

Live FIFA 2014 updates on Google.

Official website for FIFA World Cup 2014.

You Could Get Complete Rankings of teams, Players, News about Knockouts etc,.

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Everything is Up to Our Knowledge.

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