How To Find Your Computer’s Graphic Card Details?

Sometimes if your PC’s cant load a high end game or a HD video, then problem might be with your graphic card. As high end games required certain type of graphic card, memory to run a particular program. If your PC don’t have enough graphic rendering chip and memory it would be Grrrr!!! moment for you.  To find your computer’s graphic card details, do follow the instructions mentioned below,

  • Open Run dialog box by pressing Win key + R.
  • Now type dxdiag into the dialog box and then click Ok.
  • If you’re accessing it for the first time, it may ask you for permission just click on Yes to get driver details.

5-18-2014 5-16-55 PM

  • Now click on Display tab to find out your PC’s graphic card details.

5-18-2014 5-17-59 PM

  • You can find graphic card name, manufacturer name, chip type, memory and more.
  • That’s it! All you need to know about your graphic card is available to you.

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