How To Find Your Computer’s Shadermodel?

Shader Model is one of the software which is must needed for games. Many games require higher Shader Model versions. Lets check  which version of Shader model you are using.

Steps for finding Shader Model version:


DirectX VersionShader Model
DirectX 8.0Shader Model 1.0 and 1.1
DirectX 8.0aShader Model 1.3
DirectX 8.1Shader Model 1.4
DirectX 9Shader Model 2
Directx 9.0aShader Model 2.0a
DirectX 9.0bShader Model 2.0b
DirectX 9.0cShader Model 3
DirectX 10.0Shader Model 4.0
DirectX 10.1Shader Model 4.1
DirectX 11.0Shader Model 5
DirectX 11.1Shader Model 5
DirectX 11.2Shader Model 5
  • DirectX version below 8.0 has no shader models.
  • DirectX 10 and above not available for Windows XP

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