How To Find Square Root With Google Calculator?

What ever doubt arises in your mind, just ask Google before you ask others. As Google might solve your doubt more simpler and easier than others. In a same way if you have a doubt in mathematics, just Google it and you won’t be disappointed with the result. If you know how to use Google you won’t need a scientific calculator. Here’s a method to find out square root of a number with Google calculator.

  • Open any web browser on your computer, and then go to
  • Now enter the keyword calculator in the search box and then press Enter key.
  • You would get a calculator in Google search result as shown below,

how to find square root

  • Now, click on the square root button and enter the number you want to find the answer.

5-30-2014 2-09-46 AM

  • After entering the value, click on the = button to get your answer.

5-30-2014 2-10-49 AM

  • In a same way you can perform basic arithmetic calculation(+, -, *,/), mathematical function(sin, cos, tan), unit conversions(just enter the unit in the search bar), Base and representative conversion and¬†more.
  • You can also find the value of physical constant by entering the keyword like area of circle, area of rectangle, speed of sound and more.

find speed of light

Just make use of Google as much you can and be a resourceful human being.

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