How To Find The Most Suitable Mobile Recharge For Your Exact Need

Here’s how to find the perfect mobile recharge, full talktime, booster pack tariff and much more in a single stop with an Android app. There you could get an accurate and updated price list of all mobile top-ups, boosters and internet tariff ect, for all your network operators. Android app named “iReff” is useful with android users were mobile recharge tariff brochure of all network operators available in a single app. Now you could feel free to take your own time with the brochure in your hands and no more customer care calls and waits.

Ireff (1)

Here’s the link to download iReff¬†app from Android app store.

Screenshot_2014-06-23-12-12-56 Screenshot_2014-06-24-12-50-47 Screenshot_2014-06-24-12-51-01 Screenshot_2014-06-24-12-51-30

“iReff” User Interface can be noticed from the above given screenshots.

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