How To Find What Version Of Android Is Your Phone Running?

In Android, each version has its own unique features than others. In Android KitKat version we can access our phone without touching, just by using “Google Now” feature. In a similar way each version has its unique features, to know those features you need to find what version your phone is running. Do you know how to find it out? If you don’t know just follow the below instructions to find it out,

  • Go to your phone Settings option.
  • Drag down and tap on About Phone option.
  • Now your phone might display various details like status, legal information, model number and more.


  • According to my phone, I can find my phones Android version below Model number details. You can also find your phone version in a similar way.
  • Just tap many times on Android version and see the magic.
  • That’s it! You may know your phones Android version and now you easily find the unique features it has.


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