How To Fix Google Chrome High Memory Usage

Recently, Forbes quoted “Google’s Chrome Web Browser Is Killing Your Laptop Battery“, not only the battery life gets affected, it even slow down your computer. If you find that Google Chrome browser is consuming more space than the usual, and you can’t even browse normal with 4 to 5 tabs opened then do follow the below how-to to solve chrome’s high memory usage problem.

How-To 1: Use Task Manager

Do you know? Google chrome has a built-in task manager, which is similar to Windows task manager. Using Google Chrome’s task manager, you can find the number of tasks running in the background, memory consumed by each extension and tab, number of CPU used, network, process ID and more. If you find any unwanted extension or tab consuming more memory or CPU than usual, choose the tab or extension in task manager and click “End Process”.

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If you know more about computers and developing a program then you click on “Stats for nerds” link and find more info about the memory shared, virtual memory and more. This method just stops the program from running background for a time period(until you restart your browser), and it doesn’t remove the program or extension permanently from the browser.

By just ending an unwanted tab or extension will solve your lagging or memory problem. If not solved! use the next how-to.

How-To 2: Disable unused extensions and applications

Most probably the memory consumption problem will occur due to background running apps and extensions. I have installed hangout to my chrome browser a long time ago, which runs in the background all the time whether I use it or not. Actually, it always remains idle in my browser due to intervention of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger app.

To remove or disable extensions, go to extensions page or enter chrome://extensions in the address bar, and then remove the extension by clicking the trashcan button. You can disable extension by clicking Enabled text.

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By deleting hangout from chrome it saved some memory, CPU and allowed me to browse without any lags. In a same way, you can disable or delete background running application and help yourself from unwanted lags and crash.

How-To 3: Delete all cookies and caches stored

Always clear all the cookies and caches from the browser to experience a lag free browsing. You can delete all cookies and caches using the universal PC cleaner “CCleaner“. You can also delete cookies and caches without an external application by going to browser settings —-> show advanced settings… —-> clear browsing data button under Privacy section.

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How-To 4: Restore default settings

This is the evergreen method, we always try to do when nothing goes right. Just hit the restore button. Go to browser settings —> show advanced settings….—> scroll to the bottom and click the Restore button.

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If you would like to add something to this how-to, please share it with us in the comment section.

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