How To Fix uTorrent Error “The system can not find the path specified (WriteToDisk)”

Recently while downloading a torrent file I got a weird error “The system can not find the path specified (WriteToDisk)”. As the torrent stopped downloading at 2.3%, I thought there might be a free space problem in my HDD after checking there was enough space to download for more than ten torrents of same size. So I had restarted the torrent download and it once again stopped at 2% and popped out the same error. I had no other choice left as that was the only torrent file with more number of seeds. Eventually, I had sorted out the problem using the universal method. If you have same kind of error do follow the below instructions and sort out your problem too. Happy Downloading!!!

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How-To 1: The Universal Method

Guess what the universal method means? Whenever a problem exists with our computer/mobile we just try to restart the device or re-install the program. After the restart or re-installing the program everything will run good as old. So try to uninstall the torrent program and then install it once again to the system. Now try to download the torrent file you need, it will work. And it works perfect for me every time I execute the universal method.

Universal method is not just for machines alone, applicable for humans too.

How-To 2: Check For Errors In Torrent File

If the universal method doesn’t work there might be few error in the torrent file. Do find the errors like longer file name or special characters included in the torrent file name.

Error 1: Check for the file name length, if file name is too long the error will occur. Try to rename the file and restart the download.

Error 2: Check for special characters(full stop, comma, hyphen etc.,) in the torrent file name, if there is any special characters at the end of the torrent file name the error occurs. Remove the special character from the file name and then restart the download.

How-To 3: Check The Download Path Of The Torrent File

If the above method doesn’t work for you then check for the free space available in the system, and delete some old files to download the new file. Also check for the download path of the torrent, if the download path is not valid the error may occur. So go to the file download path and check whether the path is valid or not.

You can find the download path at the bottom,

10-24-2014 9-37-26 AM

Hope it works for you! If you’ve any other fix to solve this error do share it in the comment section below.

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