How To Access Blocked Websites In Colleges/ Schools/ Office?

In Schools and Colleges many websites like Facebook, YouTube, download sites etc will be blocked. We can easily by-pass blocked websites using software and proxy. Even administrator can’t find which website you are surfing.

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Steps to Access Blocked Websites in Colleges/ Schools/ Office:

First Method:


  • Download the software. No need for installation. Just open the software.


  • Wait for few seconds and status will change from contacting server to successfully connected to server.


  • You can surf any websites, which cannot be found by the administrator.
  • For example, when I go to it will automatically redirects to Since I’m from India.
  • After installing ultrasurf, it didn’t gets redirected.

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Second method:

  • This method doesn’t need any software for by-passing. You can easily use this method.
  • Go to


  • Click on lock box to get secured connection i.e Https.


  • Type the website address near this secured option and click surf.


  • A new page appears


  • You can see the address bar of the browser, the link is not from, its from While administrator see this it will be shown as and not as
  • There are lots of proxy sites like Proxysite, Myproxysite, etc.

Finally you can get rid of restrictions and use all websites in your School/College/ Office. Comment us if something goes wrong.

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