How To Access Blocked Websites Using Google Translate

If you explored how to access blocked websites using Google translate, then you won’t turn back to the other proxy sites and third party software. Accessing blocked websites is just easy as searching something on Google. Using this method you can get access to the blocked webpages in schools, office and colleges. At the same time try to do your work also 🙂

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Disclaimer: This how-to is just for knowledge purpose only. We’re not responsible for the poor performance of students and employees.

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  • If you get an error displaying “The page you have attempted to translate is already in English”, then change the “To:” language to any other language you’re familiar with.
  • Now the page will be reloaded, and displays in the language you’ve chosen to translate.
  • To view the page in English, click the Original button in the top right side.

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  •  That’s it! Now you can access any blocked webpage using Google Translate.

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