How To Access Gmail Without Internet Connection?

Gmail Offline is an chrome app which allows us access our mails offline. Gmail Offline saves the data while our computer is connected to internet connection. While you are without internet connection the saved data will be useful to view our mail.

You can access the synchronized mails everywhere without internet connection. After installing  Gmail offline app, it automatically synchronizes all mail whenever the internet connection is available.

Steps for using Gmail offline:


  • You can see Gmail offline in apps section. To access app installed in chrome, enter chrome://apps/ in the chrome address bar.


  • Make a click on the app and this app opts for a confirmation for using Gmail offline. Tick Allow offline mail and click the continue button.


  • Now for testing Gmail offline, disconnect your PC’s internet connection and open Google chrome. Open Gmail offline app.


  • Now you can use see mails in offline. You can also switch categories of mails to Primary, social, draft ,etc.



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