How To Capture Screenshot On A PC Using Paint?

There’s no need of downloading any extra tool to do certain functions, if we learnt to use pre-installed application on our PC. Mostly we try to uninstall the pre-installed application from our PC by thinking that it won’t useful in anytime. But before uninstalling the application just try to explore about its use or get help from power users of pre-installed applications. Like there’s no need of downloading any special tool to capture screenshot on a PC, if you know how to use paint application. You can your save time and memory if you know how to capture a screenshot without using an extra software. Just follow the steps below to capture screenshot using paint application,

  • Open the page of which you need to capture screenshot.
  • Now press Ctrl+PrtSc or Alt+PrtSc button on your computer keyboard (PrtSc button is right next to the F12 button on your keyboard).


  • Open Paint paintm application.
  • Press Ctrl+V to paste the captured screenshot.
  • Make changes like highlighting, writing as you need in the captured screenshot.
  • Press Ctrl+S to save the screenshot to your PC.
  • ¬†That’s it!

You can use this method to capture many numbers of screenshot without any limitations. It saves time to find a better screenshot tool in internet and the usable space on your HDD.

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