How To Change Date & Time On Android

One of our user reported about date & time issue on his Micromax Doodle 3,

11-12-2014 5-32-29 PM


If you face same kind of date & time issue with your Android device, here’s the how-to about changing date & time manually in Android. By changing date & time from automatic to manual mode you can set any date & time as you want. In automatic mode, date & time will be displayed based on your network provider.

How To Change Date & Time Manually In Android
  • Go to phone settings.
  • Scroll down and touch Date & Time under System options.


  • Now remove the tick from Automatic date & time, Automatic time zone.


  • Once you removed the tick marks, set the date & time manually and choose the time zone too.


  • That’s it! Now the date & time will be displayed properly.

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