How To Check Your Reliance Prepaid Netconnect Balance?

Do you own a Reliance prepaid Netconnect+ modem to get internet access for your PC/laptop, and want to know how to check your prepaid balance?

Updated On December 2015: Checking Reliance Netconnect Balance is as easy as the old days(like 1.5 years back). Yes, You can check your Reliance Netconnect balance by visiting Just scroll down a bit and you can see your balance and validity.



Updated on August 2014: Reliance has removed the old webpage link that we use to check our Netconnect balance. Reliance reported that they had stopped the service due to security reasons.

how to check reliance netconnect balance updated 2014

So, what’s next? Is there any other way to check Reliance Netconnect balance? Don’t worry if the old service is not available. There is another method available to check your Netconnect balance, Just do the following procedures to get your balance details,

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Updated method to check Reliance Netconnect Balance:

Now you can check the remaining balance in your account through the following 4 options.

Through SMS : –

Reliance Mobile users including RCOM GSM can send SMS ‘BBAL <Reliance Netconnect+ MDN>’ to 53535 (Free SMS).

All GSM Mobile Users can send SMS ‘BBAL <Reliance Netconnect+ MDN>’ to 55454 (Rs 3/per SMS)

Through My Services : –

Click on Recharge option and then click on Account details.

Through IVR : –

You need to dial *355 or 3033 5555 (Free from Rim) / 1800-3000-5555 (Toll Free) and follow the IVR Instructions.

Enter the Netconnect+ Prepaid MDN & select the respective option to check Core /Main balance or Other balances accordingly.

or Another Easiest method to check Reliance NetConnect Balance without logging into My services by just contacting them

Through Reliance Instant Live chat :-

  • Click the Above link
  • Enter the details and click continue
  • Click that icon, a popup box will open. Now accept terms and Enter the question to chat

Note: This service is available from 7:00 hours to 22:00 hours.

Updated method to check Reliance Netconnect Balance: Through ( My services)

how to check reliance netconnect balance 2014


  • Enter the required details in the registration form and click Register.
  • Your username and password will be messaged to the registered mobile number you entered in registration form.
  • Now, go back to and log in to your account.

6-19-2014 7-30-53 PM

  • Just change your password, and enter your modem number in the Subscriber Number field.

6-19-2014 7-33-17 PM

  • Once you click Add, enter the Alias Name, just type the modem owner name in the field and click Submit.
  • You will receive the PIN number shortly to the registered mobile number.
  • Enter the PIN number and save the account.
  • That’s it! Registration process is completed.
  • To check your Netconnect balance, click the link below Account Summary in the left sidebar and the Account Status will be displayed.


  • You can also add another account by clicking Add or Delete Service link.
  • That’s it! this is the secured way to check your Reliance Netconnect balance. Hope it works for you!.

If you have any problem with this method please share it in the comment section, and we will solve it.

You can use the YouTube video to understand the above method a lot easier,

Easiest Method:

Due to some problems this method is not working now, please check your Reliance Netconnect Balance using the above method.

Here’s the URL to check your Reliance Netconnet balance,

Copy the above given URL and paste it in your web browser’s address bar. Don’t forget to replace  #YourNumber? with your 10-digit Reliance modem number.

Here’s a sample link,

That’s it!

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Older method to check Reliance Netconnect Balance:

  • Open any web browser on your PC/Laptop.
  • Copy & paste the below URL or just click to view the web page.

  • Now enter your 10 digit Netconnect+ number and click the Submit button.

3-11-2014 11-04-38 AM

  • After the page gets loaded, you can view your Netconnect+ balance and validity.

3-11-2014 11-07-32 AM

  • That’s it!

If you would like to add something to this how-to, please share it with us in the comment section.


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