How To Create A Bootable USB Drive To Install Any OS

Bored of installing operating system from CD? Here’s the easiest method to create a bootable USB drive to install any OS on your PC/Laptop. I have tested this method on both Windows & Linux OS, and works neat without a glitch. Actually, its more easier and faster than the other methods we used to make our USB drive bootable. Before initiating this how-to, download the operating system that you would like to install to your PC/Laptop. Here’s the link to download Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate x86, Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate x64, and Linux Ubuntu.

How To Create A Bootable USB Drive

  • Download Rufus to your computer.
  • Connect USB drive to your computer.(Min. storage size required 4GB)
  • Run the application “Rufus”.
  • And the app window will look like the below screenshot.

9-16-2014 3-10-22 PM

  • Rufus will automatically detect the USB drive connected to the system, if you’ve connected more than one USB to your system make sure you choose the exact USB device.

9-16-2014 2-47-29 PM

  • Now, click the drive image to select the OS.iso file.

9-16-2014 2-51-23 PM

  • A pop-up window appears, navigate to the OS.iso file you’ve already downloaded to your computer.
  • If choose to install Windows OS, the file system will automaically changes to NTFS. If choose to install Ubuntu, the file system will automatically changes to FAT32.
  • Click “Start”, and make sure you’ve a backup of the file in USB drive. By clicking the start button all data will be destroyed from the USB. Click Ok to continue.

9-16-2014 3-01-03 PM

  • Wait till the file gets copied to the USB drive.

9-16-2014 3-02-13 PM
9-16-2014 3-07-37 PM

  • That’s it! Your USB drive is now ready to boot any system.

Just plugin your USB drive to your PC/Laptop and install the operating system as easy as ever. If you find any problem in installing OS using USB drive, just drop a comment below in the comment section and we will help you out.

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