How To Delete Google Search History

Every search keyword you’ve used to search on Google is saved to Google Search History.  The saved history lets Google to deliver better suggestions, faster results, and other valuable Google product features based on the keyword we use. If you don’t want your keyword to be saved somewhere else by Google, here’s the how-to about deleting Google search history.

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How To Delete Google Search History
  • Go to and log in to your Google account.
  • Once you logged in, all your search history until today will be displayed.
  • To delete all the history, make a tick on the check box and click Remove items.

11-13-2014 12-44-38 AM

  •  That’s it! All your Google search history is deleted.
How To Turn Off Google Search History
  • If you would like to turn off web history, go to and log in to your Google account.
  • Click the Gear wheel in the right side and choose Settings.

11-13-2014 12-51-58 AM

  • Now, Choose Account history and click Pause button.

11-13-2014 12-55-16 AM

  •  Click Pause History button.

11-13-2014 1-00-17 AM

  • That’s it! Google search history is turned off.

If you have any other Google accounts you can perform the same above method to delete the history saved to that account.

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