How To Delete Messages And Conversation In Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social media website having 1.28 Billion monthly users around the globe. In Facebook 1 Billion messages are sent in a day. This post is for deleting messages which you have sent to others.

Steps for delete messages in Facebook:

  • Log in Facebook¬†with your account.
  • Click on messages below your profile picture.


  • Go to the message which you need to delete.


  • Click Actions at top of your message and select delete messages.


  • Select the messages you need to delete. You can delete multiple messages in a single time. Click Delete



  • A pop up box appears, which is making a confirmation of deleting this messages. Click Delete message.



  • After clicking on delete message, the selected messages gets deleted.

Steps for deleting whole conversation:

  • Go to the messages which you need to delete fully.


  • Go to Actions and select Delete Conversation.


  • A pop-up screen appears asking for confirmation.


  • The whole conversation is now deleted.

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