How To Download eBooks For Free From Google

Are you in search of a eBook and can’t find it any where? Well, you can find the book at few online stores, scribd, Google books etc. Books available on online stores will cost some $$, and if you would like to get those pricey books for free follow the below instruction to download eBooks for free using Google search.

  • Go to
  • Type the book keyword in the search box. The keyword can be the book name followed by author name or author name followed by book name, but the most important thing is to add keyword PDF to the search term. Just like the image shown below,

10-20-2014 3-43-16 AM

  • Now the search results gets displayed. Click the link where [PDF] is mentioned.

10-20-2014 3-44-00 AM

  • Once you click the link, the file starts downloading. And you view the file once it gets downloaded.
  • If the file downloaded is not the one you’re looking for then click on the other search results and you can get the book you need.
  • I got the exact eBook what I was searching for. To get better search result improvise the keyword used.
  • That’s it! This is the best method to download eBooks for free using Google search.
  • Hope it works for you! Happy Reading.

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