How To Find Copyright Free Images From Google Image Search?

We bloggers spend most of the time in searching royalty free images. Sometimes copyrighted content may ruin our blogging life, if we don’t choose the proper content with ultimate care. Most of the time we search and get images from Google image search, are you sure about those contents are they royalty free? How to find copyright free images from Google Image search? Actually there’s a better way to get royalty free images from Google image search, just do the following procedures to get royalty free images,

  • Click on the Search Tools option.

2-5-2014 12-21-27 AM

  • Choose Usage Rights from the search tools option.

2-5-2014 12-23-37 AM

  • Choose a better option according to your need from the drop down options like “labeled for reuse”, “labeled for commercial reuse”, labeled for reuse with modification”, labeled for commercial reuse with modification”
  • That’s it!

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