How To Check Whether Your Android Device Is Rooted Or Not?

Many Android users hesitate to root their devices as it will void their phones warranty and what would happen if something goes wrong after rooting the device. Actually, you will be made to pay if you take your device to any service centers, so there’s nothing wrong in giving it a try. By using the below method you can find whether your Android phone is rooted neatly without a problem or not, just follow the procedures given below.

  • Before initiating this process you need to install Root checker app to your Android device.

Here’s the link to download Root Checker app from Play Store.

  • Once installed Root checker, just tap on Root Checker icon to open it.


  •  You need to agree the app’s disclaimer before starting the process, so just tap Agree.


  • Next you will get app info pop-up, tap Okay. If you would like to get app update details on twitter tap Follow @joeykrim.


  • Now tap Verify Root button to check whether your device has root access or not.


  • If it displays “Sorry! This device does not have proper root access.” then your device is not rooted.


  • If it displays “Congratulations! This device has root access!” then your device is rooted.
  • That’s it! Your Android device is rooted or not?

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