How To Find Your Facebook Join Date?

On Feb 4, 2014 Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday with a special product called “A Look Back“, which gives each and every Facebook user a movie under the production of Mark and the Facebook team. In these 10 years I had spent about 4 years by learning something new by wasting time on Facebook, as all did. How about you? How many years you have learned/wasted on Facebook? If you would like to know how many years you been using Facebook just follow the procedures below to find the date and year you’ve joined.

  • Click on your name to go to the timeline.

2-4-2014 10-54-42 PM

  • You can see the year’s listed out on the right side next to your cover photo. Click on the year just above Born link.

2-4-2014 10-59-52 PM

  • Now start clicking from the month December, till you get the date joined.

2-4-2014 11-01-08 PM

You can also find number year’s you’ve spent on Facebook using the look back movie, as it shows the year you joined Facebook and below the Look back title you can get the years count.

2-6-2014 3-07-33 PMTo get the exact date you joined Facebook can use this timeline method.

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