How To Get Dislike Button On Facebook?

It doesn’t mean that every status update in Facebook deserves like, there are certain post which deserves a solid dislike from others. Reason is Facebook doesn’t allow us to dislike any post, but few coders made it possible by bringing up a dislike button to Facebook. After reading this How-To you can start disliking the Facebook post you hate, and show your hatefulness towards it. Are you excited about it? Do you want to know how to get dislike button on Facebook? Do the procedures given below and start disliking only the post you hate,

  • Install the extension/add-on to your web browser.

                      *Here’s the link to download the extension to your Chrome browser. (Unfortunately, Google has removed this extension from chrome web store)

                      *Here’s the link to download the add-on to your Firefox browser.

  • If you have already logged in to your Facebook account, just reload the tab to get the dislike button.
  • Once the tab gets reloaded the dislike button will start appearing in all the Facebook Post and you can start hitting that button if you don’t like the post.

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  • That’s it!

The only problem is your friends can’t view the dislike button unless they install the extension/add-on to their browser. So recommend your friends circle to install the extension to get dislike button. Regarding the chrome extension it works like a charm without any problem. But the Firefox add-on has few problems with it, so try to use the Chrome browser with dislike extension.

If you would like to add something to this How-To, you can share it with us in the comment section.

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