How To Install Applications Remotely On Your Android Phone?

Mostly, we use to come across lots of useful Smartphone applications while using our PC. In order to install these useful applications to our Smartphone we need to unlock our Smartphone, open the play store application, type in the application name in the search box, find the exact application which we found while using our PC and then need to hit the install button to get the application to our Smartphone. And it’s not mandatory that you need your Smartphone to install the application when you’re exploring applications in play store using your PC.

So, How To Install Applications Remotely To An Android Phone?

You can install the applications remotely without opening the play store application from your Smartphone. Do follow the processes given below to install applications remotely on an Android phone.

  • Log in using the Google accounts, that’s linked to your Android phone.
  • Now start exploring the apps in the play store.
  • Once you find a useful application, hit the Install button found under the application name.
  • Info about the application will appear in a pop-up, choose the device to which you need to install the application and hit the Install button.
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  • The application will get installed to your Android phone automatically once you enable internet connection on your Smartphone.
  • That’s it!

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