How To Password Protect USB Drive/Pen Drive?

We password protect our PC, to safeguard our folders and files from the intruders. And it’s always recommended to use a strong password, which is hard to crack. In order to share some files with our friends or colleagues, we use USB flash drives, email and more. While sharing files using USB flash drives, there are chances of exposing our privacy files with others as we don’t password protect our flash drive most of the time. Do you know how to password protect a USB flash drive? If you don’t, do follow the procedures below to protect your flash drive files from the intruders.

  • While installing USB Secure to your PC, make sure you select the destination drive to which you need to password protect.

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  • Once USB secure gets installed to your USB flash drive, you can see a new icon available on your flash drive. Double click the icon to enable password.

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  •  Choose Yes to password protect your flash drive.

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  • Enter your password in the text box, and click Protect.

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  • That’s it! Your files and folders in your USB flash drive are password protected.
  • If you would like to view the files, double-click the USB secure icon in the flash drive and choose Unprotect this drive from check box, enter the password to view the files.

2-17-2014 2-43-29 AM Only drawback is USB secure is not a full version, as you can use it 3 times and then you need to buy the full version to use it. If you’re impressed & in need of protecting your USB flash drive, you can buy the full version of USB secure. If you would like to add something to this how-to, please share it with us in the comment section.

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