How To Fix “Snagit Has Stopped Working” Error

Snagit tool is the most used application in my PC other than Google Chrome, iTunes. And there are similar kind of pro Snagit users who used to get max out of it. Recently when I tried to upgrade my Snagit version, it surprised with a notification displaying “Snagit has stopped working”. This is the first time I’m noticing such kind of error notification while using or installing Snagit on my PC. And, What’s next? My browser’s tab is crowded with Google ¬†having keyword “Snagit has stopped working” “Snagit 12 not working” and used what ever keyword got strike at that moment. My search was in vain, but I found a solution. snagit has stopped working problem What about you Snagit users? Do you face such kind of error while installing Snagit 12. Found any solutions for it. Did Snagit team helped you to overcome the problem, hmmmm, they may replied you to wait till their team fix the bug. You gonna wait till they fix the bug? If you think you can wait, you can. Others who can’t wait till the next release can use the technique how I got rid of “Snagit has stopped working” problem.

Here’s my solution to get rid of Snagit 12 installation error,

The only way to solve the error is to downgrade the Snagit version, just try to install Snagit 11 and your installation problem will be solved. If you need Snagit to work on your PC, there’s nothing wrong in downgrading the version. In Snagit homepage you can download only the updated version, you can download Snagit 11 from techsmith’s previous release download page. You can also download Snagit 11 from softsonic’s page.

By downgrading Snagit, I miss the new User Interface other than that I’m OK with Snagit 11. And what about you? If you would like to know the features you miss by downgrading Snagit version, just watch the video below and find the differences

Introduction To Snagit 12

Introduction To Snagit 11


Do share your views about downgrading the Snagit version and notify us in the comment section whether the method works for you or not

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