How To Unsubscribe From Unwanted Mails On Gmail, Ymail, Rediff?

In our daily life we used to receive lots of unwanted spam mails, third party mails, etc to our e-mail inbox. If you’re annoyed about those spam mails do follow the below instructions to unsubscribe all mails from any of the spam mailer.

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Steps for unsubscribing unwanted mails from your inbox:

  • Go to and login to your account.
  • Check the spam mail or the mail which you don’t need.


  • Open the mail from which you need to unsubscribe.


  • Scroll to the bottom and you can see many options.


  • Click on unsubscribe and which opens new mail with unsubscribing email id and click send.


  • After some time you will get an confirmation mail. You have unsubscribed from the mailer.

There is another method also, clicking on unsubscribe leads to a new page, with some process and you will be unsubscribed from their mails.

  • For example,


  • Click on unsubscribe, a new page opens, tick the unsubscribe option and click update subscription.


  • Unsubscription confirmation.


Similarly, you can follow the same procedures to unsubscribe from spam mailers on Gmail, Rediff, etc.

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