How To Preview Links In Google Chrome?

Many people read articles daily in Google chrome. Now-a-days many article links are fake and just makes fun with us. Swift Preview is a extension that can generate a preview for any link. You can preview the page without going to the content page. You can see  preview even for short links. Fake articles can be easily found with this extension.

Steps to preview of links in Google Chrome:

  • Here’s the link for Swift preview extension (Unfortunately, Google has removed this extension from chrome web store).  Install this extension.
  • Just keep your mouse on a link and wait for few seconds.


  • You can check short links also. Just keep the mouse on the short link and wait few seconds.


  • Some cons are also in this extension. This extension doesn’t work properly on link of Facebook pages, groups. Other than this, it a nice extension and very useful.
  • You can also disable this extension in a particular website. Click on Swift Preview extension icon.swift-preview-disable
  • The extension color changes to red which confirms the extension is blocked in this Website. You can Enable just by a click.


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