How To Save Facebook Post For Later Usage?

Have you ever wish to save a useful Facebook post? Sure, you might have. At present you might have saved Facebook post by bookmarking the page or copying the text to the notepad. When we have a dedicated option to perform a particular function, we always wish to use it first than the other methods. After reading this how-to you won’t use bookmark or copy option to save Facebook post for later usage. Do perform the below procedures to save Facebook post for later usage.

  • Open Chrome web browser on your PC and install Facebook favorite extension to it.
  • Check your news feeds, when you want a Facebook post to be saved for later retrieval, click on Favorite button and the post will be saved.

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  • If you would like to view the saved post, just right-click choose Facebook favorite — > List view (or) Feeds view.


  • For a quick view you can use the Facebook favorite icon next to the address bar.

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  • That’s it!

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