How To Take A Screenshot With Snagit?

Previously, we made a how-to about capturing screenshot using paint. If you think that paint has less options and you need more editing tools like blurring images, callouts, adding watermarks, page outlines and more. Then you can try other screen capture tools like Snagit, which can capture anything perfectly just by clicking. Do read below to find out how to capture a screenshot using Snagit.

Steps for capturing screenshot with Snagit:

  • Download Snagit.
  • Just enter email address and click download.
  • Install Snagit and the snagit tool appears at the top of your desktop.


  • When you need to take a screenshot just press Print Screen key or just click red button shown above.
  • A tool for selecting the area of screenshot appears, which looks like aiming in sniper.


  • Select the area which you need to screenshot.


  • After selecting Snagit prompts to view the screenshot taken. You can use this screenshot or capture a new screenshot.


  • Capture screenshot by clicking below shown icon. You can also use other options like capture again and remove.


  • That’s it! the screenshot is captured and it will take you to the snagit editor to edit the screenshot, after editing press CTRL + S to save the file.


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