How To Split A Long Post Into Multi Page Post In WordPress

Splitting a long post into multi page post increases page views and reduce page loading time. If the post is lengthy, reader will try to skip it if the page loading time is equal to the time duration you take to write the post.
This is how a page break looks,

8-26-2014 8-14-41 PMTo split a long post into multi page post in WordPress do the below mentioned instructions and get your work done.

  • Go to your WordPress blog.
  • Open the post in text editor.

8-27-2014 1-29-30 PM

  • Now, type <!--nextpage--> wherever you need a page break or need to split the post to next page.
  • You can use the code any number of times, and page number appears wherever you entered the code.
  • That’s it! Improve page views by splitting a long post.

Be sure not to make users feel worse about unnecessary page breaks in all post.

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