How To Fix Automatic Rebooting/Restarting In Micromax Mobiles?

Few days back, my six months old Micromax canvas A111 mobile started misbehaving like it gets rebooted automatically for every few minutes, which makes me to think wild about Micromax mobiles. As my friends say that Micromax mobile will perform better at the start and later on it will start troubling you, same as said it started troubling me. I contacted Micromax mobile via Facebook page and they advised me to go to near by service center. Most of us hesitate to take our mobiles to service centers because without checking our mobile problem they will say it will take 15 to 20 days time to service, which we don’t like to hear from them. So I started to explore by my own that what would be the problem, and I had succeeded in solving this automatic reboot issue.

The problem occurred due to the network mode of the phone, when my phone network changes from GPRS to HSPA network the problem started. For the past few months my phone network was in GPRS mode as there’s no 3G coverage in my hometown for Airtel, when I get relocated to Bangalore my phone network too got relocated to HSPA mode due to 3G coverage in Bangalore.

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UPDATE: If the below method doesn’t works for you, check whether your phone battery has swollen or not. If swollen try replacing it, and it might help you from restart problem

To sort out this automatic rebooting problem in Micromax mobiles do follow the instructions,

  • Go to your phone Settings –> Dual SIM settings option.
  • Now choose SIM1 –> Mobile network settings.
  • Tap on Network Mode and choose GSM only option(GSM/WCDMA is the default option)
  • That’s it! By changing the setting to GSM only will help you out from rebooting problem.

If the problem exists after changing the network mode, then you may go to the service center and sort out the problem. You can comment about the other problems you experience while using your Smartphone, we will help you out of it.


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